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Thursday, 17 August 2017

We Stop Labour Bid to Remove Park Land and Annoy Residents

Redbridge Wharf Park

VICTORY: We Defeat Council Bid to Sell and Remove Redbridge Wharf Park Land Near You and Increase Light, Noise and Diesel Train Pollution 

Another victory for Southampton Independents, working with residents who objected to the Labour Council's plans with Network Rail and ABP. We opposed their plans and have defeated them.

The Labour councillors for Redbridge McEwing and Whitbread did not stand up for you. Labour supported the Labour Council proposals. They said in emails to Council officers:

“I’m happy to accept the proposal” (Labour Councillor Cathie McEwing)
“I second the comments from my colleague Cllr McEwing.” (Labour Councillor Lee Whitbread)

If you saw our previous letter that we delivered to residents of roads near to Redbridge Wharf Park, we warned that Network Rail and the Council’s plan to increase rail freight, remove park land and to increase light, noise and air pollution for residents. It is bad enough already.

Around 180 trees would have been removed. No noise barrier would have been erected. Network Rail wanted 24-hour working during construction. And the Council ignored our suggestions for improving heritage and park land nearby.

Southampton Independents Councillor Andrew Pope
Southampton Independents Councillor for Redbridge, Andrew Pope (above), objected to the plans.

He ordered the plans to come before a public planning panel so that Southampton Independents and residents could speak up. Otherwise the Labour Council would have approved them against your wishes.

Southampton Independents Leader Denise Wyatt
At the public meeting on Tuesday 1st August, Councillor Pope and Leader of Southampton Independents, Denise Wyatt, spoke up for local residents who objected.

We won! It was refused. 

The Council, Network Rail and ABP wanted to ignore residents. We didn’t let them ignore you.

Be warned – Network Rail are likely to COME BACK with another plan.

Tell us if you hear anything and we will keep you informed.

Thanks for working with us to win, working with you.

Vote for Denise Wyatt to become a Redbridge Councillor in May 2018. Vote Labour out! It’s time for change.

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