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Saturday, 27 May 2017

Andrew Pope Southampton Independents Works For You

Andrew Pope

Our Official Party Emblem

Our Southampton Independents Parlimentary Candidate for Southampton Test, Andrew Pope  has:

  1. exposed Labour and Tory cuts & failures
  2. fought NHS & care closures
  3. exposed Labour and Tory councillors wasting MILLIONS on the "Arts Complex" when YOUR basic Council services are cut
  4. spoke up for you on crime & safety
  5. stood up for you against developers, reducing bad impacts on your area
  6. won compensation from power cuts
  7. worked with you to stop plans to build on Southampton parks and to protect sport
  8. fought Labour and Tory plans for joining Southampton with Portsmouth in a disastrous "Solent Devolution Deal"

plus a lot more.

Sue Painter from Millbrook says:

"I don't care who doesn't like it I'm voting for Andrew Pope Southampton Independents party. 

If you want things done then vote for him."

Southampton residents Mr and Mrs Taylor say:

"Andrew listens to YOU. Andrew works for YOU. Andrew stands up for YOU. Vote for Andrew Pope Southampton Independents for Southampton Test in the 2017 General Election."

Julie Jones from Redbridge says:

"Nothing false about Andrew Pope. He does what he says he's going to do! He's definitely got my vote."

Vote for Andrew Pope Southampton Independents to see what he can do for you, your family and your area!

Southampton Schools March Must Be Called Off

Regarding the march scheduled by Southampton Fair Funding for Schools for Southampton tomorrow, Southampton Independents Parliamentary Candidate for Southampton Test, Andrew Pope, says:

"This march should be called off.

Firstly, it is taking Police away, when the country's threat level is Critical, the highest level.

Secondly, it is disrespectful to those who died in Manchester to mount a loud protest with speakers, whistles, microphones and noise. And it is unnecessarily endangering adults and children at a time of danger.

Thirdly, Southampton Independents and parents have exposed the Southampton Fair Funding for Schools as a front for the Labour Party and unions. They pose as being a group of parents, but it is clear the Fair Funding campaign is organised by teaching unions. They have misled parents, which is unforgivable.

Their campaign criticises the Conservative Government for cuts that might come in, but they haven't criticised the Labour Council and Councillor Darren Paffey who removed funding from Southampton schools that had previously been promised.

If it was a parent-led campaign that was balanced in its criticism, Southampton Independents and parents would support it. But it is not.

We understand that they have even given Darren Paffey the opportunity to speak, to pretend he is on their side. He isn't. He cut school funding! They should be criticising him, but they aren't because he is with Labour.

Southampton Independents, and parents that we have been in touch with, will not be attending.

Southampton Fair Funding for Schools must call the march off."

One irate parent agreed:

"I think it is dangerous, disrespectful and yes it's not what it appears to be.  Thanks for exposing it for what it is. 

 I've started following the whole fair funding thing on twitter. Most of the photo's posted have references to unions, also the list of followers makes good reading.  There are a lot of people connected with unions one way or another."  

Thursday, 25 May 2017

Theresa May Has Been Exposed

Reacting to the news that Theresa May has changed the Conservatives' plans for social care, within days of releasing them in their General Election Manifesto, Andrew Pope, our Candidate to be the next MP for Southampton Test, says:

"If you saw how badly Theresa May deals with reasonable questions from journalists on Monday, you can see how weak she is.

You can also see how incompetent she is, by changing a policy that had only just been released.

On their doorsteps and in Southampton's streets, we have asked many Southampton residents whether they can name a single thing Theresa May has achieved in seven years of Government.

Nobody could name a single thing.

That's because she hasn't achieved anything to benefit our Country.

One thing she has done is cut the Police, including the Armed Police that our Country needs to deal with terrorists.

And she has failed to deal with the mass immigration that Labour started.

And she has failed to deal with our country's deficit and the growing levels of Government debt.

Theresa May is not strong and stable.

She cannot handle being held to account. That is why her visit to Southampton was so quick and so carefully managed by the Conservative Party.

But Labour's Jeremy Corbyn is also too weak and incompetent to hold her to account.

Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are BOTH weak and wobbly. What a Hobson's Choice!

People know whether it's Labour or Tory, they get the same old story.

They should vote for the person who would best represent them at Westminster.

That is why Southampton Test needs an Independent voice at Westminster, and why I ask them to please vote for me, their Southampton Independents Candidate, at the 8th June General Election."

Why I Will Not Be At Tonight's Hustings

Andrew Pope, Southampton Independents Candidate for Southampton Test at the 2017 General Election, has issued the following announcement:

"Regretfully, I have informed the organiser of tonight's hustings at Southampton University, the Southampton Debating Union, that I will not be attending.

I have not come to this decision lightly, but I have consulted others in Southampton Independents, and Southampton residents.

We face a very serious situation, where our democracy is under threat by terrorists. Terrorists that have grown up in our own country.

In the last year, we have had a Leeds MP murdered in broad daylight.

We have had a Southampton councillor suffering a paving slab thrown through their home window. This led to a tightening of security relating to Southampton councillors.

A terrorist has attacked the Palace of Westminster and killed members of the public and a policeman.

And less than three days ago, we have had children and adults murdered indiscriminately in Manchester by a suicide bomber.

Therefore I have decided to not attend tonight's hustings for three main reasons:

1. If last night's hustings was postponed, which it was, it is also too soon today to hold a hustings.

2. Having asked what has changed about the security at tonight's hustings following the Manchester attack, my Election Agent learned that little had changed. Other events have tightened security, but not this one.

For example, the arrangements for the Southampton Election Count have changed as follows:

"Following discussions with Cabinet Office and Electoral Commission after the tragic event in Manchester earlier this week, the Returning Officer has decided to upgrade security at the count on 8th June. "

3. I will not put members of the public in danger at a public event that has inadequate security. It is better to be safe than sorry, Let us not forget that the threat level is now Critical, the highest level.  Armed police are patrolling Southampton.

I am working with Hampshire Police and Southampton City Council to secure such a time. Sadly, I do not feel we are at that point now.

I will continue to work for our full democracy and full public safety to return."

My Pledge: BREXIT Working for You

Andrew Pope, the Southampton Independents Candidate to be the next MP for Southampton Test (West), is the ONLY candidate that campaigned in Southampton for Brexit.

He listened to the people of Southampton who wanted Brexit.

He worked for the people of Southampton to secure Brexit.

He stood up for the people of Southampton to win Brexit, in the face of abuse from Labour MPs like Diane Abbott and Southampton Labour councillors.

Southampton Independents listen to what the people of Southampton want, and work with them to secure it.

So if you wanted Brexit, please consider voting for Andrew Pope, Southampton Independents.

Even if you did not want Brexit, please consider voting for Andrew Pope, because he will work for a Brexit that works for you, your family and your area. 

Andrew is the ONLY Southampton councillor of 48 who stood up for you, against Labour and Tories wasting more millions on "Arts" when the City's roads remain a mess.

Andrew is the ONLY councillor of 48 who stood up for you to have a referendum against Labour and Tories wanting to join Southampton and Portsmouth together in a disastrous "Solent Devolution Deal".

Don't forget that Alan Whitehead, who has been the MP for 20 years, ignored the views of the majority of people in England, and of the majority of people whose views he was paid to represent - Southampton people. He voted in Parliament, as your MP, AGAINST triggering Article 50 to start Brexit.

Local residents are rightly outraged that Alan Whitehead did so.

So that the people of Southampton can be sure that their next MP will properly represent their views, Andrew Pope now makes the following pledge:

"I pledge that:

In the light of the facts that:

1. The majority of people in England voted to leave the EU.

2. The majority of people in the Southampton Test Constituency voted to leave the EU.

That I campaigned for Leave in the EU Referendum campaign, because I listened to the views of the people of Southampton.

That I will work for the English people to ensure that Brexit delivers what English people in Southampton Test voted for, as proved by polls conducted by Lord Ashcroft, namely:

A. That mass immigration has to end and Southampton people want control back over our borders and our public services

B. That English people have the say over their future, rather than Brussels bureaucrats and out-of-touch MEPs

C. That I will vote for the repeal of the European Communities Act 1972 and the repeal of any other acts to enable Brexit

D. That I will vote for any other new acts of Parliament to enable Brexit


Andrew Pope

Southampton Independents"

VOTE Andrew Pope Southampton Independents at the 8th June 2017 General Election, or using your postal vote before then.

Friday, 19 May 2017

Theresa May Cannot Be Trusted on Immigration or The Deficit

The Southampton Independents Parliamentary Candidate for MP in Southampton Test, Andrew Pope, says:

"Southampton Independents have already made clear what Southampton people think about Theresa May's repeated failure, over 7 years, to deal with the mass immigration that the last Labour Government started, and the Tory-LibDem Coalition and Tory governments failed to stop.

When we ask residents what Theresa May has achieved in Government over seven years, they normally cannot name a single thing. Sometimes they say that she has delivered Brexit.

Let us not forget, Theresa May campaigned for Remain.

Perhaps it is unsurprising then that it took NINE months for Brexit to be triggered after she and other MPs allowed the Referendum legislation to be deeply flawed.

Southampton has benefited from immigration for centuries.

But Southampton people do not like the SCALE of the immigration, and the SPEED of the immigration that has been unleashed by successive failing governments. And they do not like the IMPACTS that mass immigration has had on Southampton's communities and our public services.

So Theresa May cannot be trusted on immigration.

She cannot be trusted on removing our national deficit either.

Labour delivered the financial crisis in 2008.

The Tories, with May in the Cabinet for seven years, used the financial crisis and the bailout of the banks as an excuse to cut public spending. They wanted to cut spending anyway. Labour's massive errors gave them the opportunity.

But the Tories have broken promises, time and time again, on removing the spending deficit. Both George Osborne and Phillip Hammond, both working with Theresa May, have pushed the target years back and now further back in the Tory Manifesto. And they have racked up more public debt because of this.

So the Tories under Theresa May cannot be trusted on immigration or the deficit."

Please VOTE Andrew Pope Southampton Independents to be your next MP.

Andrew listens to you. Andrew works for you. Andrew stands up for you against Labour AND the Tories.

Soton Indies Official Party Emblem

Who Thinks Your EU Leave Vote Makes You Racist?

They do.

Who thinks you are "racist"? They do.

This is the Labour Group of councillors on Southampton City Council.

They called Councillor Andrew Pope a "racist" for delivering this speech on the EU Referendum in the Council Chamber last year. (The link is hosted by our sister party, the English Futures Party, a party for all people who live and work in England and who want a positive future for our country).

Andrew Pope
As you can hear, there is nothing racist in the speech.

But the Labour councillors think that voting to leave the EU makes Andrew a racist for representing your views. It doesn't and they are wrong to be so offensive to Andrew and you.

The Labour councillors are no different to Labour's Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott, who called ALL 17.4 million people that voted to Leave "racist". She was also the one who got her maths wrong on Police pay.

Soton Indies Party Emblem

Vote for Andrew Pope Southampton Independents to be your next MP. 

Andrew has already listened to you and stood up for you on Brexit.

Alan Whitehead, who "has-been" your Labour MP for 20 years, voted AGAINST triggering Article 50 to start Brexit, despite our country of England voting for Brexit and the majority of Southampton voting for Brexit. Alan Whitehead puts his own views ahead of your views. Did he ignore you because he thinks you are "racist", like the Labour councillors and Diane Abbott?

Labour councillors and MPs like Alan Whitehead and Diane Abbott think they know better than the 17.4 million people who voted for Brexit.

Andrew is the ONLY Candidate for Southampton Test MP who has campaigned in Southampton for Brexit.

Andrew will stand up for you to get the Brexit that you voted for, a Brexit where Southampton people will work together for a positive future.