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Monday, 10 September 2018


Is this another part of
Labour's Highway Robbery?

Update: At Full Council on Wednesday 19th September, our Councillor Andrew Pope repeatedly asked the Leader of the Labour-run Council, Councillor Chris Hammond, to rule out charging private cars.

Councillor Hammond repeatedly refused to rule it out.

Southampton Independents to Campaign for a Referendum on Charging

Councillor Pope announced that Southampton Independents will be campaigning for a referendum. He says:

"Southampton Independents supports residents in their opposition to charging.

No Southampton resident should be charged as part of a Clean Air Zone, congestion charge or any other similar charge.

We totally oppose charging Southampton residents.

So if the Labour-run Council want to introduce any charging, they must allow Southampton residents to vote on it first.

Other Independent councillors seemed to support my suggestion.

I have asked the Leader of the Conservative Group whether he supports a referendum. He would not commit to it without speaking to other Conservative councillors first, which I suppose is fair enough. I will await his response when he has spoken with them.

And to add insult to injury, when I asked her, Labour's Cabinet Member for Road Chaos, Councillor Jacqui Rayment, refused to stop charging people for crossing the Itchen Bridge Toll. This is despite the fact that the Labour Council is doing this for electric vehicles.

If they can end the toll for electric vehicles, they can end the toll for ALL VEHICLES. But they don't want to, because they want to keep taking your money.

And charging vehicles as part of any Clean Air Zone or other scheme will be another way for Labour to rob you on the highways.

It is Labour's Highway Robbery."

If you are opposed to any charging, let us know by getting in touch by email at sotonindies [at]


Would you support charging private cars to enter our City? In this Daily Echo article, Clean Air Southampton and Friends of the Earth are suggesting it.

Sadly the Labour Council Leader Chris Hammond does not rule it out in the article.

Councillor Andrew Pope says:

"In all of the conversations we have had on residents' doorsteps about pollution in Southampton, nobody has suggested that private cars should be charged.

Just who does "Clean Air Southampton" represent?

Southampton Independents is totally opposed to charging private cars in any Clean Air Zone.

Instead, residents want it, so we are campaigning for Park and Rides to be implemented. Labour and Tory councillors have done little to progress these in many years. We applaud the new hospital's Park and Ride at Nursling and have supported the planning application.

Southampton City Council should be taking action to get Park and Ride across the City, not charging private cars.

I am asking the Leader of the Council to rule out charging private cars, in a Formal Written Question at the September Full Council meeting."

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Park and Ride or Clean Air Zone: SHOULDN'T YOU DECIDE?

Councillor Andrew Pope
Our Councillor Andrew Pope says:

"Southampton Independents is listening to your views.

Do you want a Clean Air Zone? The Labour Council and Tory Government think they can impose it on you and local businesses.

Do you want a Park and Ride? Residents tell us regularly that they do. And we are campaigning for it. The hospital have listened. But the Council hasn't listened or acted for you.

And the Council hasn't delivered a park and ride for you, despite lots of talk.

Businesses and the Tory MP for the East of the City (Royston Smith) think that the Labour Council's Clean Air Zone is a bad idea. Do you agree?

Yet according to the Labour-run Council, it is the Tory Government that is imposing the Clean Air Zone on Southampton. They've claimed they wouldn't be doing it otherwise.

Once again, it is a case of Labour or Tory, same old story, with adults and children continuing to suffer from air pollution and its affects on our health."

Leader of Southampton Independents

Our Leader Denise Wyatt Southampton Independents says:

"Once the Labour Council have pretended to listen to you and then approved this anyway, Labour councillors can easily change it to make you pay to use your car in our City, by simply asking the Government whether they can do it.

Southampton Independents has confirmed this with Council officers, and that they wouldn't need to ask you, the public. Do you think this is right? We don't.

We already pay enough for the reducing services and poor communication by the Council. People get bad services and can't contact the Council easily.

Where is our Park and Ride? Areas of the City such as Redbridge already have a higher-than-average level of asthma. This can't carry on. 

Tell us what you think."

Wednesday, 27 June 2018

SAFE STANDING: Government to Review the Rules

Since last year, our Southampton Independents Councillor Andrew Pope has been leading the local campaign for Safe Standing at St. Mary's Stadium.

Andrew was interviewed by Julian Clegg on BBC Radio Solent this week. The interview is below.

Photos of rail seats, which are proposed for the trial of Safe Standing at St. Mary's Stadium, are below and in the video that accompanies the interview. Other photos that help to explain the campaign are also on the video stream, including the dangers of "unsafe standing" as currently.

"Passionate Paula" is behind a trip hazard

When "Passionate Paula" gets excited...
... she could trip on the seat in front of her

And "Passionate Paula" can fall on other fans...
The local petition for Safe Standing at St. Mary's Stadium is here. If you have not signed it already, please sign it and share it with your contacts, colleagues, friends and family. At the time of writing, over 800 Saints fans have signed it.

As a result of the national campaign led by the Football Supporters Federation across England for Safe Standing at English grounds in the Premier League and Championship, and because the Government said they would not be looking at Safe Standing despite our campaign, a national petition was started. The e-petition gained over 100,000 signatures in a short time, and resulted in a debate in Parliament on Monday this week.

At the end of the debate, the Minister responsible Tracey Crouch MP, confirmed a review of the rules that currently prevent safe standing.

Councillor Andrew Pope says:

Councillor Pope showing
Rail Seats for Safe Standing
at St. Mary's Stadium
"This is a major step in the right direction for the campaign for Safe Standing across England and at St. Mary's Stadium.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the campaign so far:
  • Southampton fans who signed my petition
  • Jon Darch and the Safe Standing Roadshow
  • The Daily Echo and That's Solent TV who have covered the campaign
  • BBC Radio Solent and Wave 105 who have interviewed me several times
  • the majority of Southampton City councillors who supported my motion supporting Safe Standing.*
  • the Total Saints Podcast who have helped to promote the campaign
  • MPs that spoke in the debate in Parliament on Monday
But we are not there yet. The rules have not been changed yet and this review appears to be taking until at least early 2019.

This may be an attempt to kick safe standing into the long grass.

We have not campaigned for years to allow this to happen.

We have to keep up the pressure.

If you want to help with our Safe Standing campaign, or if you want to help us with our other campaigns across Southampton, contact Southampton Independents by emailing us at sotonindies [at]"

*(N.B. None of the Coxford councillors voted for the motion - Don Thomas, Keith Morrell and Tammy Thomas - and not all Labour councillors supported it - including Shirley Councillor Satvir Kaur. But the vast majority of Labour and Conservative councillors did support the motion.)

Friday, 1 June 2018

Does Labour Want McDonald's at Itchen Bridge OR NOT?

Is is another Labour Highway Robbery?



McDonald's is appealing the Labour-run Council's decision to refuse the planning permission.

They are appealing to the Planning Inspector, whose decision will be final.

Andrew Pope and Denise Wyatt from Southampton Independents were at the Planning Committee when the refusal was done.

Our Councillor Andrew Pope says:

"Two of the Southampton Labour councillors who agreed to sell the land to McDonald's, spoke against the planning permission when it came to the Planning Committee.

The councillors are both Woolston Labour councillors. Their names are Councillor Warwick Payne and Councillor Chris Hammond. The latter is now the Leader of the Council.

Another former Labour Councillor Paul Lewzey, who was also in the Cabinet, spoke against the McDonald's at Woolston.

Yet they had previously supported it.

Were they for or against McDonald's using the site for a McDonald's?

It's difficult to tell when they changed their minds.

Or perhaps they thought that McDonald's would not use the site for a McDonald's, but for some kind of space mission instead?

What do you think?

Southampton Independents is neutral on this application, but I have made a representation to the Planning Inspector about the way the Labour-run Council and Labour Councillors have handled this.

They can't be allowed to get away with it."

Leader of Southampton Independents Denise Wyatt says:

"Is it another case of Labour's Highway Robbery?

Were they only after the money for selling the land, to pay for the extra millions for their Arts Complex in the City Centre?

Residents need to know.

Tell us by email at sotonindies [at] or via our phone on 07580715687"

Sunday, 20 May 2018

YOUR VIEWS: Lidl - Does the Labour Council Only Want the Money?

Southampton Labour has already robbed millions
that could have spent on roads
and spent it on the Arts Complex
Proposed Lidl Foodstore on Shirley Road and Villiers Road

Southampton Independents put residents, not MPs in London, first. We listen to residents. We act with residents. We are a local political party, formed by residents in 2017. Join us!

What do you think of the “new” plans by Lidl for the Shirley Road and Villiers Road site (new planning application 18/00746/FUL)?

Lidl already have a massive warehouse
that is adding pollution to our air
Southampton Independents Councillor Andrew Pope already objected to the previous planning application, so we were pleased that it was rejected by the Planning Committee.

Councillor Andrew Pope
in one of the roads nearby
Andrew says:

"Residents were disappointed that trees that I mentioned in his objection were not protected by the Labour-run Council. Why? And why did they demolish the site. Do they only want the money from selling the land? It seems so.

Have the plans changed enough? Have they dealt with your concerns? What do you think?

Southampton Independents will form our view based on what residents tell us. Contact us to tell us."

In the Daily Echo on 17th May, speaking on YET ANOTHER Lidl proposal in our City (on Brownhill Way in the North of our City), Andrew is quoted saying:

I want to see what Lidl is going to do for local residents, because Lidl will be making lots of money, so they have to deliver benefits such as improved transport links, a new park and ride, and finally deliver on the promise of sustainability including solar panels...

The Labour Council has to make Lidl do this.

Residents and the local area must benefit from the new store, if it goes ahead.

These comments apply to this site too. The Echo article is also available online here.

Tell us what YOU think of Lidl’s plans. Tell us what YOU think of our ideas. Contact us at the details on this website (on the left). We also have a Facebook page and a Twitter feed.

Leader of Southampton Independents Denise Wyatt says:

Leader of Southampton Independents
Denise Wyatt
"Standing as the Southampton Independents candidate, I almost took a Labour safe seat in Redbridge Ward, because I worked hard and listened to residents - not just at election time. The seat is now a marginal seat. So’ton Indies intend to win it next time.

Southampton Independents was formed to put YOU first, not MPs in London. 

Because Southampton Independents are local residents, just like you. Join us!"


Saturday, 19 May 2018


Denise Wyatt doubled her vote between 2016 and 2018

Our local Southampton Independents party is just over one year old. We were only registered as a political party in 2017.

Leader of Southampton Independents, Denise Wyatt, says:

Leader of Southampton Independents
Denise Wyatt
"My result in Redbridge Ward was fantastic. Thanks to everyone who voted for me, delivered leaflets or who put posters up or who put boards up.

It was still slightly disappointing, in that I did not win for local residents.

But I am very pleased that I got more than double the number of votes in the last Council election in 2016. There was no Council election in 2017.

Southampton Independents has shown that it can reduce a huge majority in a "safe" Labour seat, and make it into a marginal seat that we can win next time.

We will continue to help and support residents, as we always have promised, and as we always have done.

Join us and then we can win seats across Southampton! We are definitely on the map now."

Sylvia and Richard supporting Denise

Southampton Independents Councillor for Redbridge, Andrew Pope, says:

Southampton Independents Councillor
Andrew Pope
"Denise should be very proud of the levels of support that I heard during the election campaign.

People all over the Redbridge Ward, from Old Redbridge to Maybush to Millbrook and to the Channel Islands estate, were so enthusiastic about voting for Denise.

It was fantastic to hear and see their enthusiasm.

Southampton Independents is only a small and young party.

Join us and make Southampton have a positive future, not more Labour or Tory, same old story.

There are many people, too many people, to thank.

You know who you are!

And you know what Southampton Independents is all about - by residents and for residents."

Jenny supporting Denise

Shelley supporting Denise

One of our many boards displayed
by one of our supporters

Friday, 18 May 2018

YOUR VIEWS: Proposed Lidl on Brownhill Way

The Lidl Sign for the Huge Warehouse Nearby

Southampton Independents put residents, not MPs in London, first. We listen to residents. We act with residents. We act for residents. We are a local political party, formed by residents.

What do you think of the plans by Lidl for this site?

We have had supportive comments from residents. We have had objecting comments from residents. We have had concerns expressed by residents. And we have had neutral comments.

Southampton Independents will form our view based on what residents tell us.

And as quoted in the Daily Echo on 17th May, our Councillor Andrew Pope, who lives locally, says that we want residents to benefit from this development, if it goes ahead.

Southampton Independents
Councillor Andrew Pope
 Andrew is quoted:

I want to see what Lidl is going to do for local residents, because Lidl will be making lots of money, so they have to deliver benefits such as improved transport links, a new park and ride, and finally deliver on the promise of sustainability including solar panels on top of the huge local warehouse.
The Labour Council has to make Lidl do this.
Residents and the local area must benefit from the new store, if it goes ahead.

The Echo article is also available online here.

Tell us what YOU think of Lidl’s plans. Tell us what YOU think of our ideas. Contact us via sotonindies (at) or via our Facebook page "Southampton Independents".

We put YOU first. Because Southampton Independents are local residents, just like you.

Denise Wyatt, Leader, Southampton Independents

Councillor Andrew Pope
Councillor for Redbridge Ward
Southampton City Council

At the next City Council elections in 2019
Vote Southampton Independents

Friday, 4 May 2018


Denise Wyatt, who was the Southampton Independents Council Candidate for Redbridge Ward, says:

"Wow! What a result!

Thank you for the amazing support, all the well-wishers on the doorsteps and in the streets and thanks for all your votes!

I am delighted to have the trust and confidence of so many people.

Sadly, I almost won but not quite. I am delighted with the result and I hope residents are too.


Southampton Independents, with your help, has taken the Redbridge Ward from being a "safe" Labour seat two years ago to it now being a "marginal".

In 2016, Labour won by 822 votes.
At the next Council election, it was just 199 votes.

It is within touching distance.

The now former Council Leader Simon Letts only won by a similar margin in 2014. Four years later he has lost his seat. The former Leader of the Council Tories Jeremy Moulton also lost his seat.

Labour still has just two majority. Labour or Tory, same old story.

I will continue to support and work with local residents.

Join us! Enough is Enough!

Thanks again for all your help and thanks for all your support."

Thursday, 3 May 2018

VOTE TODAY FOR DENISE Polling Stations Open 7am - 10pm!

Look out for this dropping on your mat!

Lots of residents are backing Denise!
Denise Wyatt is the Southampton Independents Council Candidate for Redbridge Ward. Denise lives and works locally.

Denise Wyatt

Denise says: 

"Please vote for me today!

I am at the bottom of the ballot paper, because the names are in alphabetical order. With your help, when the votes are counted, I will be at the top!

I have been receiving amazing support from people on their doorsteps and on the streets. Lots and lots of people told me that they have already voted for me by post, and asked their friends and family too.

So many people have put posters up in their windows and put Southampton Independents boards in the gardens. Have you seen them? Thank you. Will you do the same? It's brilliant if you do it today. Show your support.

And it's not over yet! I'm not elected yet! Only one seat needs to change for a positive future! Labour has just a two majority and one seat changing means no more majority and we will stop their stupid decisions.

Please get out there and get all your friends and family to vote for me too.

We can't carry on with this useless Council!

You know that I stand up for you."

Sylvia and Richard support Denise

Sylvia Priestley (left), who lives in Redbridge says:

"I have joined Southampton Independents because they listen to you and they act upon your problems."

Richard Smith (right), who lives in Maybush says:

"Southampton Independents are the only party that actually DO what they say they will. They listen and act on what residents say."

Jenny supports Denise
Jenny Murray (left) lives in Millbrook, next to Mansel Park. Jenny says:

"Vote for the best. Vote for Denise Wyatt Southampton Independents."

Shelley supports Denise
Shelley Jones (left) lives in Redbridge. Shelley says:

"Vote for Southampton Independents for the things you want done.

They listen and act for you."

Southampton Independents Councillor Andrew Pope, who Denise hopes to join on the Council, lives in Maybush and says:

Southampton Independents
Councillor Andrew Pope
supports Denise
"Please put your cross next to Denise Wyatt Southampton Independents Putting You First and the Southampton Independents logo.

Denise has worked hard for 3 years for this. I know because I have worked with her and with lots of other local residents who want a better area.

Residents know this. Residents trust Denise. Residents know Denise stands up for them. 

Denise is a respected and trusted woman in our area. 

This is why residents are backing Denise. You can get Denise elected today, or you can carry on with more of the same stuff.

Denise did very well the first time she stood, two years ago, but did not win overall. 

Denise has achieved so much for our area.  As an elected councillor, she can achieve so much more by carrying on her hard work. I am proud to stand up for residents with her and I will be proud of serving you with Denise.

You can make it happen today, polling stations are open 7am to 10pm.

Thank you for supporting Southampton Independents.

We listen to YOU. We put YOU first."

Tuesday, 1 May 2018

UPDATED: Southampton City Council and Parliament to Debate Safe Standing

Southampton Independents
Leader of Southampton Independents Denise Wyatt
at St. Mary's Stadium
UPDATED (15th May): Parliament sets date to debate Safe Standing Following Fan Campaign. The Daily Echo has reported here. Our Councillor Andrew Pope is quoted in the Echo article.

Councillor Pope is to propose the below motion at the Full Council meeting of Southampton City Council tomorrow.

Sadly Denise Wyatt narrowly missed out on being elected to the Council. See the other article on this website for more on how Southampton Independents has made a Labour "safe" seat into a marginal seat.


Commenting on the latest news on Safe Standing, Councillor Andrew Pope says:

Councillor Andrew Pope has led the local campaign
for Safe Standing
"This is brilliant news. 

Thanks to all fans who have signed both petitions - our local one and the one for Parliament. We have shown the Tory Government that Safe Standing is not backed by a "vocal minority" as claimed by Tracey Crouch MP.

Now both Southampton City Council and Parliament will debate Safe Standing in the next couple of months. I expect all Southampton City councillors to back safe standing with action.

The debates locally and nationally are major milestones in the Southampton Independents campaign for Safe Standing at St. Mary's.

I am delighted."


Southampton Independents has been campaigning for trials of Safe Standing at St. Mary's Stadium since 2017. We are upping the pressure on the Government to change the law to allow safe standing in the Premier League and Championship.

The issue has been on the front page of the Southern Daily Echo twice since. Southampton Independents Councillor Andrew Pope appeared on the Sasha Twining programme on BBC Radio Solent, listened to supporters and answered questions on what Safe Standing is.

Southampton Independents started a local petition, which is here. Please sign it and share it to increase the pressure on the owners of Saints to come out publicly to support Safe Standing. Thanks to everyone who has signed it so far.

St. Mary's Stadium is all seater.
England and Saints fans should be able to stand

Councillor Andrew Pope started the Safe Standing campaign
in 2017
Councillor Andrew Pope says:

"The Tory Government is living in the dark ages. They need to change the law because Saints fans demand it. I am proposing a motion on Safe Standing to the May Full Council meeting later this month. I very much hope ALL Southampton City Councillors support the Southampton Independents campaign. Some of them have said they support it, but so far have done nothing to support our campaign."

Leader of Southampton Independents Denise Wyatt says:

Denise at St. Mary's Stadium with the seats
We would prefer to stand and shout louder!
"I want Saints fans to be able to stand safely at the match, using rail seats that have a rail in front and behind every row. 

Then we can all stand and shout louder! 

I like shouting, but not only at Labour and Tory councillors who are letting our City down!

I like shouting at St. Mary's Stadium.

Listen to Andrew and other Saints fans talk about this on the Total Saints Podcast here

We all like going to the match and letting off steam, don't we?"

If elected this Thursday 3rd May, Denise Wyatt will be seconding Councillor Pope's motion at the Full Council meeting later this month.

The motion, which may be amended, reads:

"This Council supports standing up for Southampton FC fans and standing up with Saints fans. But since the Taylor Report, and changes to safety regulations, fans are not allowed to stand up at the match. 

Yet Saints' fans passion means that they do stand at every match in the Itchen and Northam stands. They want to stand. They want to sing. They want to shout. Safe standing allows them to support the team with more passion and to do so safely.

This Council supports the national campaign for Safe Standing in the Premier League, and supports Safe Standing at St. Mary's Stadium. 

This Council agrees to write to the Board of Saints and to the Secretary of State to urge the Government and/or Parliament to change legislation to allow trials in the Premier League and then full installation of rail seats or other safe alternatives."

Please Vote Denise Wyatt Southampton Independents on 3rd May to make it happen!

Sunday, 29 April 2018

WITHDRAWN: UPDATE on Bush Hill FC's 7 Foot Solid Metal Fence on Mansel Park

Southampton Independents
Councillor Andrew Pope

UPDATE (30th April 2018):


Southampton Independents Councillor Andrew Pope says:

"I have received the following notice from Southampton City Council's planning department, which is making the decision over the Bush Hill FC fence etc on Mansel Park (planning reference 18/00394) submitted from the address of the Saints Pub.


'Dear Councillor,

I have informed the agent for the application that if it is not withdrawn then it will be refused. I have been waiting for instruction from the agent on how they intend to proceed before updating you.

As soon as I receive a response from the agent the application will be handled immediately, either with a withdrawal or with a decision issued.

I have visited the site, and we have not received any comments from the other Ward Councillors.


Planning Assistant
Southampton City Council'

I have been "invited" by the Chair of the Redbridge Residents Association*, Eugene McManus, to a public meeting on Monday night to discuss this planning application.

Denise Wyatt, the Southampton Independents Redbridge Council Candidate, has not received a direct invitation. Mr McManus chose to go through me instead, for some reason. He has also referred to Denise as my "girlfriend". Denise is my partner in life. Denise must be respected, which she is in our area, because she is actually a public figure who works hard for our area, including providing advice and support over many years to Mr McManus as Chair of the Residents Association. Mr McManus' actions and his attitude towards her as a female Council Candidate are deplorable and unacceptable.

At this stage, as the planning application will either be refused or withdrawn, there is nothing to discuss.

I would like to thank Southampton City Council and the residents who objected, including those who asked for their name and address to be removed, because they felt intimidated.

Intimidation included:

  • someone associated with the Saints Pub Mr Lee Elliott confronting me and a female colleague in the street on Facebook Live, giving a false name and asking questions based on false information and making unsubstantiated allegations designed to intimidate me into not objecting to the planning application
  • Facebook abuse and messages, again with the source appearing to be Mr McManus
  • intimidation of residents who objected, by posting their names and addresses across Twitter and Facebook. This led to residents asking for their names and addresses to be hidden by the Council.
  • intimidation of Council candidates, by posting their names and addresses across Twitter and Facebook without properly obscuring the addresses

This is the ONLY planning application I have ever, in SEVEN YEARS of being a councillor, that these things have happened with. Anyone would think this was Tower Hamlets, not Southampton.



So why is Mr McManus continuing with the meeting?

His Agent should know about the decision by the Council?

Is he carrying on with the meeting to intimidate voters and candidates? I hope not.

But it is reasonable to conclude so, considering the atmosphere that has been created, and because of the fact that he has now displayed a banner against Denise Wyatt on the Saints Pub.

I have contacted the Returning Officer again, who has already been in touch with Mr McManus and Mr Extance regarding their conduct.

Perhaps another plan will come forward. Hopefully that plan will be discussed before being submitted to the Council.

I repeat my advice given to Mr McManus before, but which he chose to ignore.

If Mr McManus wishes to change the setup at Bush Hill FC on Council land, he should discuss it with me as a ward City Councillor and representative of the people, with local residents and the Council planning department first.

We are in this situation because Mr McManus chose not to do this, against my advice. Perhaps he knew that I and residents would object, because I told him this before.

Mr McManus via Facebook has also defamed and abused, and allowed others to defame and abuse, myself and Denise Wyatt, as well as ignored the legitimate concerns of local residents.

Other local sports clubs like Millbrook Rugby Club have listened to my advice and I enjoy constructive dialogue with them, and now have planning permission. Compromise and dialogue are essential components of building and maintaining trust.

But Mr McManus' actions have destroyed any constructive dialogue that I sought, over years, to build with him. He did not seek any compromise, preferring to try to railroad this ill-thought-through application through Council planning.

Perhaps dialogue can be rebuilt between myself and Bush Hill FC, but that will take considerable work. I am always approachable and ready to discuss.

Despite the appalling behaviour of Mr McManus, I wish the coaches and players of Bush Hill FC well for the rest of the season with the current ground, that I actively supported going in, and I hope that the current problems raised by residents with me, and with the Council and Police, can be resolved. This includes parking, damage to Council land, road safety problems and anti-social behaviour on match days.

I look forward to supporting Bush Hill FC and all other local sports clubs to continue to develop, and reaching compromise over competing interests with residents.

As a final note, looking at the final paragraph of the email from Planning, it is a matter of public record that the two other ward councillors, both Labour (Cathie McEwing and Lee Whitbread), have done absolutely nothing to support or object to this planning application. 

Neither have any of the other candidates in the Redbridge local elections.

Over years, Southampton Independents has stood up for our parks and for local residents. All the while, the Labour Council has sought to take away park land - at Green Park, at Mansel Park and at Redbridge Wharf Park.

We will continue to look after local residents, to protect our parks and green spaces, and we will try to work with all local sports clubs and residents in a constructive dialogue with trust."

Councillor Andrew Pope
Southampton Independents
Redbridge Ward
30th April 2018


* For reasons unknown to me, although I have raised it with him before, Mr McManus uses the email of the Residents Association for Bush Hill FC business, or the Saints Pub address for the planning application. This would suggest a potential conflict of interest between the three interests. Perhaps he can explain how he manages this conflicts of interests, to the Residents Association that he chairs.